Our Patients Say

  • "Dr. Saffarpour and her team are nothing short of phenomenal. She is one of the few IAOMT SMART certified dentists in the Bay Area which is how I found New Earth Dental as I was looking to get some amalgams safely removed. Add to the fact that I hadn't been to a dentist in over five years I wanted to make sure I could find a highly qualified practice that I could settle in and call "home".

    A quick look at their website and seeing the emphasis on biomimetic dentistry sealed the deal for me considering my own recent shifts in diet/lifestyle towards a more holistic approach in the pursuit of optimizing my health. Simply put New Earth Dental seemed to perfectly align with my values."
  • "There really isn't much else to say that hasn't already been addressed by countless others but I can tell you they are all absolutely true when they say Dr. Saffarpour has excellent bedside manner and is highly compassionate, patient, and caring - its actually quite a stark contrast to all my experiences with previous dentists. All of this combined with the fact that she is a master at her craft makes for quite a comfortable experience knowing you're in the best of hands.

    Making appointments and checking out is such a smooth process thanks to Brenda who is super welcoming and helpful. I also appreciate the cozy atmosphere with great choice of the ambient music. New Earth Dental really has it all covered from A-Z and sets a truly high standard."
  • "Who would travel from New Mexico to San Jose CA to see her favorite biological dentist? I would and am very glad I did.

    I work in epigenetics and have a genetic condition that Dr. Saffrapour knows well. I feel everyone should use biological dentistry as so many products and processes can and are toxic. BTW Dr. S gives the gentlest shots, pain killers, I have ever had. We even used laser to finish off our session so healing began immediately and I did not need a single aspirin.
    Also Dr. S seems to always be learning the latest and never stops learning. I appreciate that immensely.
    Assisting Dr. S is an outstanding staff, Brenda, Allen and others whose name I do not know.
    Bottom line I cannot recommend Dr. Saffrapour and staff enough. If you care about healthy teeth go here."
    Nancy M.
  • "Dr. Mamak is a very good Dentist, and I recommend her highly for being very thorough and passionate about her work. She took the proper precautions to evaluate my dental situation on my first visit, and took her time explaining what exactly was going on in my mouth. Her careful attention to detail goes a long way, and her holistic approach is a big plus. Do not hesitate to give her a visit. She is worth it."
    Akash S.
  • "Caring and warm office got me in in a timely fashion. Dr. Safferpour took as much time as I needed her to to speak to me about my concerns regarding my teeth and future dental work. I went through three separate dentists that I did not care for because the besides manner was not warm and I felt like a number. Not at this office I highly recommended her. In addition she does a lot of different things in her office which makes it a one stop shop."
    Debra L.
  • "Since the very first time I contacted the office of Dr. Saffarpour her office team has been warm, attentive with great customer service, and today arriving at her office with my 9 year old daughter was very pleasant. The continue welcoming and care of the reassuring professionalism of Dr. Saffarpour was amazing. I am grateful for finding a holistic and caring Dr. my daughter.

    Thank you Dr. Saffarpour."
    R A S B E R R Y

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